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Our App development services

As an app development company in Atlanta, our goal is to work with leaders who aspire to innovate, transform and grow their business. Our clients are our utmost priority, for we strive to understand their business challenges and help them create digital solutions. Right from user research to building strategies that shape the design and development, we offer a broad spectrum of services to start-ups and enterprises.

Mobile App Development

Build a fully-functional iOS or Android application, especially designed and deployed for your users. Native, hybrid, and cross-platform, we deliver the highest quality with performance benchmarks.

Web Application Development

Responsive and secure, our web development experts have successfully launched complex web development projects. We implement the best suited lifecycle model, technologies, tools, and, frameworks that match your essentials

Custom Software Development

Want to build a custom software for your business? We magnify your idea into a software personalised for your needs. Our dedicated team of software developers helps you develop, organise, and launch your application.

Our Portfolio

Procurment App development PromptBytes

A mobile app for procurement management for this pulp and paper manufacturing firm


Our client envisioned a mobile procurement solution that could account their purchase statements to streamline records for their customers and internal team.


We signed up to build a solution using enterprise mobility that could integrate over 30,000 orders every year across 300 locations. Our three key challenges were to classify complex procurement processes, minimise mobility risks like vendor lock and run a QA test within the project’s timeline.


Our real-time management approach enabled business administrators to view vendor databases on top of creating, deleting, and updating purchase orders. This enabled them to customize approval flows and receive quick responses via push notifications. As a result, our client experienced an increase in savings and revenue opportunities.

Social app development PromptBytes

A Social App for this Atlanta-based Product firm


The Social Networking App is a secure platform conceptualised to connect mid-aged, senior individuals who share experiences and interests alike.


We were put through paces to build an app that would have to compete with apps like Tinder, TrulyMadly, MeetUp reigning in the market.


We conducted a user research to understand the personas and pain points whilst doing a competitor analysis. Based on it, we created a storyboard and wireframes where we experimented with different screens to conclude with the easiest way for users to find a companion. This was done in a 3-week sprint which also included user testing that helped us iterate new ideas.  

Wallet application development PromptBytes

A Smart Wallet for this Consumer Security firm


The all in one Smart Wallet for transactions was devised -- by a Florida-based FinTech company -- to simplify financial transactions for customers and reduce the risk of misplacing their numerous cards.


Since the Smart Wallet integrated multiple cards, we had ensure it was enveloped in multiple layers of security whilst facilitating parallel firmware and software development.


To begin with, we integrated the Bluetooth smart driver to manage and maintain remote Smart Wallet devices via the mobile app. These platforms were connected safely by exchanging security keys for permanent bonding. It requested a pin for transactions besides a 5-step voice based authentication to validate the user.

" It was great working with PromptBytes. The project was in pretty bad shape when we hired them. They worked really hard to get it on track, we are in better shape now. I'm eager to work again on future projects together. "

Director of Design
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Firm

"Their team delivered the app we desired and the collaboration was positively marked by weekly meetings with the project manager. What I liked the most about PromptBytes is their responsiveness and ability to truly understand the details."

Product based Firm in Atlanta

" Without any marketing or promotional efforts, the app has garnered about 1,000+ downloads and good user reviews. PromptBytes were really good in delivering and the project stands par with our expectations."

Operation Manager
Consumer Security Firm

"A month after release, the app has 1,000+ downloads and a 4.5 rating which is really commendable. Their team responded well to shifting priorities, ensuring that critical features work smoothly thereby simultaneously developing experimental ones. Their immense talent is worth the hefty price."

FinTech Fortune 500 Firm

We are home to some of the top app developers in Atlanta

We love solving technical challenges! Our team of researchers, design experts, full-stack developers, and software architects work in conjunction to build applications that adapt to rapid technological changes besides handling heavy workloads. If you meet us at Atlanta’s happening events like “Atlanta Tech Village”, we’re hibernating!

How we work

Our Application development services are best suited to meet your product development requirements. We can work with you as your exclusive application development partner to develop your entire app, an MVP, or if you are working on a Project that is struggling - we are here to the rescue. We can offer our expert advice and assist you to develop your dream application from scratch; be it web, mobile or tailored software. Furthermore, we can integrate multiple instances of an application (like API, databases etc.) to develop one coherently workable solution thereby increasing its efficiency and user convenience.

Validate Your Product Development Requirement

App Assessment

A poorly developed app can leave you with a few inactive users and a small bank balance besides sabotaging your business reputation. Our tech experts help you identify loopholes and match your app with the perfect design and development solution at an equitable cost.


Architecture/ Code Review
App rewrite or refactoring
Maintenance & Support

App Development

We turn your vision into our mission to design, develop, test, and ship technical excellence. We work on the Agile development model to give you seamless experience. Our sprints involve setting product goals, prioritising features, creating user journeys and interactive app prototypes.


A fully functional app
Maintenance & Support
Dedicated development Team

App Integration

Change is the key to growth! As your user base grows, your app needs multiply. Right from adding new features, redesigning user interface to keeping up with tech upgrades, we have your back. Our app developers partner as your extended team to support you with Cloud deployment, API Integration and other integration services.


Better Time To Market
Tailored support & maintenance
Minimised security risks

How We are Different

Agility, Quality and Fast-Delivery sets us apart from Agencies

Wondering how companies end up spending more than the standard market package for an application? A majority of agencies fail to organise the perfect team for a project. The customary approach is to allocate a large team of designers and developers to complete a project within the timeline. This practice not only adds to the development cost but also affects the efficiancy of the communication.

At PromptBytes, we follow the “LESS IS MORE” policy to de-risk your investments. We assign a dedicated team of talented designers and developers  that complete their scheduled tasks within the given timeline.  Our clients endorse our approach that’s proven to better staffing scalability, accelerate productivity and most important to communicate smoothly.

Our tech Stack

At PromptBytes, we believe in magnifying our expertise to increase your app’s performance by using diverse Tech stack. From using Open Source ecosystem to 3rd-party SDK’s, our Atlanta based app developers make sure you get high-performing app with infallible user experience. We are Open source Fanboys too! Some of our talented developers are Google developer Experts (Android, Web Technologies) and have contributed a lot to Opensource.

UX/ UI Design

Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, illustrator, Invision Studio, Figma, Zeplin, Invision Prototyping, Axure, Balsamiq, Adobe After effects, Optimizely, Usabilla/UserTesting.com

Native Mobile development and Tablets

iOS (Swift), Android (Java & Kotlin), Xamarin (Cross-platform), React Native (Cross-platform), Unity 3D (Games)

Web Application Development
(Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)

HTML5, CSS, Progressive Web Apps, Javascript, JQuery, React JS, Angular JS, Shopify (Ecommerce), Vue JS, Ajax, Electron.JS

APIs, Services & Backend

.Net (Microsoft), Node.js, Python, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql, Mongo DB

Our Application Development Process

We employ the Agile Development model that comprises of a series of sprints that ensure clients get regular updates of their project’s progress. This empowers us with Technical ideas that shape into technical brilliance.

We lay the first stone by collecting and organising the project essentials to chalk out a blueprint for the project. This include evaluation of the project features, brainstorming on idea, creating wireframe and establishing the teams.


A typical sprint starts with a planning meeting where the features to be developed in that sprint are identified and allocated to developers from the backlog. Each of our sprint is time-boxed to no more than a month long --- most commonly 2-3 weeks.


During each sprint, the team takes some small set of features of client’s project --- from idea to coded and tested functionality. After each successful day of the sprint, our team members participate in a daily scrum meeting thereby identifying any impediments to progress. This is the phase where an initial prototype is developed.


After building the initial prototype of Product, our clients review the Product and conclude with retrospection that enable us to enhance our succeeding sprints and chalk-out the final MVP.

Our Application Security practices

Data Encryption

Your data is secure with us by AES-256 encryption method at-rest and TLS over HTTPS in-transit

IP Protection

Your IP is protected with Enterprise grade firewalls which assures a secure testing, development and deployment environment

Security Flaws Investigation

Our application testers can investigate security flaws in your app by using Black box (without code access) and White Box testing (with code audit)

Our core-principles for time-tested development

Keep it Simple Stupid

Software systems work best when they have minimum complexity; we keep it simple

Platform Compatibility

A joyful experience across platforms strengthens a business’ reputation. We care about yours!

Architectural Integrity

We believe what we build builds us. We build architectures that reinforce our principles.

We Guarantee on time Delivery and Estimate

We understand the app development ecosystem; thus, we build engaging applications that are technologically high-end as well as marketable. We leave no stone unturned to bring to you solutions that are powerful and rewarding for your business.  

Pay per service

You pay only for the cost you incur during development, any cost of training devs will be upon us

24 x 7 communication

You will be communicated about your Project's progress from time-to-time, we keep communication transparent

Replace dev that don't fit, instantly

If a potential developer in your team leaves the company, we will get him replaced instantly

App development Atlanta PromptBytes

Got an App development riddle for us? Challenge Accepted.

What to expect
One-to-One support from a dedicated Project Manager
An exclusive team to help you plan, execute and ship technical milestones within the budget and timeline
Daily/Weekly sprints on status, feedback and developments
Signed NDA to safeguard your idea with us (Optional)
Clean code and flexible architecture
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