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Hello Atlanta!

The 5G revolution is upon us, but there is little to no consensus about exactly what changes will it bring for “Metro Atlanta”; most specifically the Application development industry of Atlanta. While most industry experts does feel that the “hype is just a reaction in the form of overexcitement”, there are speculations regarding how Mobility will be get affected by the entrance of 5G technology. In this article, we will discuss how 5G will revolutionize mobility in 2019 and what IT & business leaders can do to prepare for the evolution in advance.

Let’s start with the beginning to define all the hype that surrounds 5G and Mobility.

What’s all the hype about impact of 5G in Mobility?

In the technology industry like we are in, it’s pretty uncommon for software advocates to hype emerging software solution and ideas. This is why we’ve been seeing a lot of buzz words such as “infinite capacity” and “virtualization of the network” etc. which surrounds all the hype regarding 5G. However, one thing is clear that the jump from 4G to 5G is going to be similar to the change of 2G to 3G. That said, it’s predicted that evolution of 5G in Atlanta will enable a broad range of new mobility services; that too through faster speed and lower costs (hopefully!).

On the flip side, the 5G revolution is not just about how wireless technologies can change the way people surf the internet, but also how they connect and leverage the very best advantage of network to connect with everything they can and meet the best of their needs.

What numbers are saying about 5G?

According to a research from Deloitte Insights, “About 1 million 5G smartphones are predicted to be sold in 2019, out of an estimated 1.5 billion phones sold throughout the year.” Logically, that makes it under 3 percent of total no. of smartphones in the US. However, the situation is expected to improve in 2020 with an average estimation of 15 to 20 million 5G global sales.

Furthermore, a data report from GSMA reports that “Only 14 percent of worldwide connections are likely to be based on 5G as compared to 4G”.

Having said that, it is possible that the craze for 5G in 2019 will be reasonably lower in terms of real impact, just similar to the first few years of 4G. On the contrary, with the exception of Apple, mobile manufacturers are keen to be the first one to adopt the revolution of 5G.

What adding all these (facts) could mean about the future of Mobility in Atlanta?

We talked about some numbers which predicts arrival of 5G in Atlanta in the paragraphs before, now let’s discuss how the numbers add to the future for Mobile industry in Atlanta.

According to Gartner, the convergence of four major tech trends are responsible for changing the business landscape: social interaction, cloud, mobility, and information. Today, as we continue to seek this kind of convergence, we’d probably need a network to support it. For instance, Mobile devices play a vital role in Internet of Things; the influx of data responsible to measure heartbeats from monitoring brake pads on trains. This could be only possible, if the data is provided in real-time through cloud. 5G will continue to connect these capabilities. If all goes well, it will bring together people, data, process and things in an Internet of Everything manner.

Although, there is still not enough evidence about the number of “innovations” this year will bring. But, we will certainly be seeing more innovative fingerprint-scanners, weird notch designs and even stronger use of Artificial Intelligence.

It's unlikely that 5G and flexible displays are going to contribute in Atlanta's growth. Big organizations such as Apple, ZTE and phone makers are experiencing another tough year that has saturated the market growth thereby contributing to trade conflicts and a widespread economic downturn.

2019 is going to certainly be another year for organizations to think about their mobile strategy. And, 5G is certainly not a part of the timeline anytime soon. At-least, stats and present market situation states that. It's high unlikely for consumers to join the 5G bandwagons this year. That said, it's only the matter of few more years for consumers to finally decide on the adaption of 5G.

However, how far away the 5G trend may seem, it's never too late for App development Industry leaders to redefine and rethink their business models and make it more powerful than it is now. Things like 5G might take time, but it's never too early for them to prepare a strategy accordingly.


Based on above stats and predictions, it's highly unlikely for Mobility experts to jump upon the 5G bandwagon before it reaches to any stability. Although, Mobility in Atlanta can be effected by other innovations such as AR/ VR, IoT etc; but 5G isn't a part of the same for the time being.

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