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It's just a matter of a couple of years that the mobile industry is booming with innovation and technological advancements are changing the typical consumer’s life for the good. 5G has already arrived in top cities in US and it’s going to change the way the user consumes data thereby reshaping the way we interact with technology. 

With innovation comes the challenge to stay in the competition. And for a billion-dollar business such as Mobile, competition is just another name for the growth. To stay ahead in the competition, all it takes is an idea that could provide people with a solution to their problems.  While it may still sound simple, it is usually difficult to come up with an idea which is coupled with both innovation and challenge. This is why we have written this guide with 12 innovative app development ideas to help you come up with a successful startup. 

Incorporate any of these app development Ideas to make your Business Innovative in 2019

1. Grocery Shopping App

Needless to say, Grocery shopping at the beginning of the month is the need of every common person. At the same time, it’s imperative that not all things are easy to remember for a person at once while they go shopping. Having a grocery shopping app would make it easier for them to remember all the things on the go. 

The app allows a shopper to view a list of a particular category of a product (say Vegetables). Shoppers can choose from a list of different vegetables and add them to the cart. When all the things he needs are added to the cart, the shopper can check out where he needs to fill the payment details and pay at the moment. 

The present market has an abundance of several grocery apps; therefore, it's important to come up with something different from the existing apps. It might also happen that in the hunt of doing something different you accidently find your Unique Selling Point (USP). 

2. Virtual Interior Designing App

Tired of seeing the same old thing when you walk into your room? Well, Virtual Interior designing app can turn your boring personal room into an exciting, gorgeous looking space. That too without the help of an Interior Designer. 

Isn’t that something which has the potential to turn into something great?  Virtual Interior Designer app might help your user to take a picture of their room and visualize it with various kinds of designs available such as colors, objects, curtains, wall, stickers, etc. It can also recommend places where those things can be brought.  

3. Graphical Restaurant Reservation/Booking app

If you are familiar with the frustration of eating outside of home then you must have experienced the hassle of reserving seats at a restaurant which often require booking at the earliest. A graphical Restaurant Reservation app allows a user to check the graphical layout of the restaurant thereby allowing you to choose your desired seats so you don’t have to wait in the queue to make your booking. 

4. Real-time Ride-Sharing Apps

The famous real-time ride-sharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Didi Chuxing have made commuting easy. You can book a taxi of your choice at any time and anywhere without wasting time and money. The on-demand taxi booking app is a lucrative business idea. 

During taxi booking app development, you can consider the following app features that will make your taxi-booking business stand out:

  • Share Ride’s Status: Allows to share ride’s status to their close ones
  • Split Fare: Let your users split the fare 
  • Schedule a Ride: Let your users schedule a ride 
  • Sync meeting using calendar shortcuts
  • In-App Payments
  • In-App Messaging

Other Recommended Features:

Here are a few recommended features, which you can give a thought while developing the ride-sharing apps like Uber, Lyft or Taxify.

  • Quiet Mode/ Chat Mode
  • Help with luggage
  • Professionalism
  • Temperature Control 
  • Choice of Quality of Vehicle
  • Extended Pick-up Period

5. On-Demand Apps

Consumer behavior has been changing for the past few years. And, the usage of on-demand apps has been steadily growing. One of the overwhelming determinants in consumer’s decision is the “convenience of delivery” to use on-demand apps. Whether it be the ease of scheduled deliveries or reduction of delivery time, the growth behind the on-demand economy is due to consumer’s growing appetite for greater convenience, speed, and simplicity. 

The on-demand apps make people’s desire more easily attainable. In short, it offers convenience. Such apps make things fast and not making people think. That’s why the growth of figures come in. According to a report from Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million customers annually and $57.6 billion in spending. 

An on-demand delivery app is an excellent and innovative Android or iOS app idea to start a business in 2019. In spite of competition, an on-demand is the best choice for those who are trying to start a new business as well as those who are already on the market but do not have an application. Here are a few top industries, which are involved in the on-demand economy:

  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Medical
  • Home Services
  • Car Rental Services

6. Finance Apps

According to the report from Statista, “In 2018, 17% of Americans were using at least one stand-alone budgeting app.” The type of financial apps used in the U.S in 2018 was full-service banking app, peer-to-peer payment apps, a budgeting app, and investing app. 

After seeing the above graph, it is safe to say that people are interested to manage their finances via mobile applications. Cash App was the most downloaded finance app in the U.S for Q2 2019 by downloads, as per the report from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform. 

The types of finance apps are insurance, investment, accounting, banking, and digital wallets. The finance app makes users’ lives easier by offering several features. It allows users to send and pay money to anyone. It also lets them buy and sell bitcoins within the app. And, they will be able to manage their finances by clicking a few clicks. 

The popularity of finance apps is because they provide a safe, fast and free platform to users. 

A finance app lets users save money, check their transactions, pay bills, and track money. If you want to head over to build a finance app, it is high time to develop one.

7. Health & Fitness Apps

According to the report from Statista, there are leading health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store worldwide on June 2019, by revenue (in U.S. dollars). 

As per the research from Flury Analytics, health and fitness apps have become a vital tool to make people’s lives easy. And, these apps are going the distance with high user engagement. There are different types of health and fitness apps, which are:

  • Calorie counter app
  • Meditation apps
  • Track running & swimming
  • Nutrition diary & Diet plan
  • Workout app
  • Geocaching

The fitness tracking app tracks data about the user’s activities. It includes the number of steps taken, distance run, stairs climbed, and other fitness metrics.

8. Telemedicine Apps

Healthcare is booming. Thanks to telemedicine apps. These apps have revolutionized the multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry. Such apps have completely transformed the way we consult to doctors. Telemedicine apps allow patients or app users to text doctors, request house visits, and consult therapists. 

There is the U.S. based popular video-based telemedicine app, Doctor On Demand that allows patients to consult doctors in real-time video chat. Here’s a list of core features that can be considered whilst developing a telemedicine app like Doctor On Demand:

  • Access to EHR/EMR
  • Book Appointments
  • E-prescriptions
  • In-App Chats
  • Video Calls
  • Push Notifications
  • Dashboards to Track Patient Progress
  • Integration with Wearable Devices
  • Private User Accounts
  • Location-based Services
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Electronic Health Records
  • In-App Payments

Being a startup or entrepreneur, if you have not still made-up your mind to create an m-health app, it is high time to develop the one. All you just need to consider the above-mentioned core features, while developing an app that stands out. 

9. AI-Powered Chatbot

The artificial intelligence-powered chatbot is one of the innovations that will rule in 2019. An AI-powered chatbot is an attempt to recreate a human that possesses many benefits. AI-powered chatbots do exactly what humans tell them to do. They help businesses in many ways such as helping companies to interact with customers, respond faster than people, and understanding customers’ preferences. By considering machine learning-powered chatbots into your business, it will surely enhance the experience of interacting with a brand. 

10. Education Apps

E-learning is an important innovation that businesses should watch in 2019. The global e-learning market size is set to be over USD 300 billion by 2025, according to the report by Global Market Insights. Education apps play an important role to bridge the gap to improve teaching and learning. 

With more than 2.7 million installs, Duolingo is the most downloaded education category app in the United States for Q1 2019, as per the recent report from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence

Photomath is the second most downloaded education app in the U.S, this is what you can see in the above image. If you are interested in developing education apps like Duolingo or Photomath, you should go for it. This is because education-based apps are one of the most popular startup ideas in 2019.

11. Parking Apps

Finding a parking spot is a challenge, especially in big cities. So, the role of parking finder app comes into play. A parking finder app lets users find convenient and cheap parking spots in less time. An app for finding parking spots can connect users to several parking facilities. It can be a great help for people who want to quickly find the parking spots. 

A parking app helps users to provide real-time guidance to available parking on-street and off-street garages. It also allows users to easily access pricing, time limits, hours of operations and parking restrictions without any hassle. 

Here is a slew of recommended features that can be considered during parking finder app development:

  • Real-time guidance
  • Easily access pricing, time limits, hours of operations & parking restrictions
  • In-App Payment
  • Enables to access routes, hours, and addresses
  • Alerts & Push Notifications on Parking Restrictions

12. Natural Disaster Alerting Apps

Climate change causes tsunamis, hurricanes, and storms. It is important to introduce some powerful ways to warn people before it happens. The natural disaster altering app warns users when severe weather occurs. These apps help users ready and alert by tracking storms with animated radar maps in real-time. 

What’s Next?

This is the end of our list of mobile innovation and app development ideas. To stay ahead of your rivals, you can pick one of these ideas, which will be going to rule in 2019. 

Do you want to cross-verify your app idea? Have an idea that you want to transform into an app? If you are looking for an optimal solution for your queries, you can drop us an email at contact@promptbytes.com We’d love to help you out. 

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